Races & Nerves

I’ve never been a runner. Not in High School nor in Boot Camp, which is why I didn’t make it. However, I know that running is probably the most holistic way to get in shape, you have a certain type of body from running (The kind I want), and it improves so many things in your life. So to make sure I ran and prepared for it, I’ve decided to do races.

So far, I have a few 5K races planned soon and I’ve been using Couch 2 5K to prepare for it. I have an app on my phone that trains you endurance-wise to finish a 5K in half an hour! I have been slacking on that, but I am slowly but surely working on it. 

My first one is this Saturday-The Everbank Stadium Challenge. I am really nervous about that one. Not only is it running but it’s running up stadium steps! (OMG!!)  The cool thing is it’s later at night @8, the lights of the stadium will be on, and the videos of previous games will be on cheering us on. But right now, I have the Fat Girl fears going on in my head, like “you can hardly run a mile how do you expect to run 3.1?” and “YOU ARE GONNA DIE”. I have friends though that are doing this race, one who is the SAME pace as me, so it won’t be so dreadful.

The next one is Sept 29, the Color me Rad! How cool is that. It will be on a dirt trail and there will be clouds of color raining upon me. I figure if I can finish the first race ok, and I will have alot more weeks of training on Couch 2 5K so I will be better at it. But it’s trail running, completely different than treadmill running. Again, I have faith that I will do ok because I know I will have friends there. My little sister might even join!

Last is the most meaningful. I am doing the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure on Oct 20th! I have a few friends who are running it too! I think the cause is amazing considering my friends mother has successfully survived Breast Cancer and it means something more than the other two did. The proceeds from this race go to Breast Cancer research and families suffering from it. When I do this race, I will be a runner.

I have never run a race before. If anyone has any advice, tips, or just general knowledge/stories to share-please do. I am looking forward to these mostly because I have never finished ANYTHING, except High School. I haven’t finished college, didn’t finish BootCamp, nothing. I understand that I am only 22 and have my whole life ahead of me but I want to re-start my adult life with success. I figure if I see that I can finish one race, then I can do anything. When I do that, I am a runner.

NOTHING can stop me-not even myself!

~Life & love~


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