Tick Tock…

The Clock is ticking….

I am a newlywed Navy Wife going through my first deployment ever.

I’m not ready & I’m in denial (I think)

Deployment is getting closer and closer, inspections are much more frequent and I see nothing of Josh at all.

Josh and I have been married for almost 5 months now. Tomorrow is our 1 year anniversary, and he will be gone to duty. I miss him so much. He is my best friend, my everything. He makes me so happy and makes everything so much more bearable. He is my go-to person when things go wrong, my rock, just so much for me. 

I should be upset and moping and maybe it’s because it isn’t soon enough, but all I can think of is moving our apartment, making sure we are settled, that the home & pets are taken care of, and trying to make sure that I can take care of everything before he leaves. I haven’t cried yet. It hasn’t hit me fully yet. I am not sure.

How do you deal with time away (7 months for us) from the person who gets your through each day?

Is it bad that I am not upset yet?

Maybe it will hit me in the coming months. Will I notice a month ahead of time, a week? How long until it hits me, if it does? How do you cope with that?

The Clock is Ticking…


2 responses to “Tick Tock…

  1. I’m all ears if you ever need to vent. The first deployment is the hardest, but they never get easier. I have it a little easier, since I was in the military when I met my husband. I understand the lingo a little better and the life a little more. If you ever need ears there are wives around who have been there!

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