I’m Bringing SEXY BACK!

I think one of the most rewarding things about exercising and losing weight is that feeling of self-confidence growing inside you again. Since losing, just 5lbs, I feel SO confident and sexy. My clothes are fitting better, I don’t have to do the wiggle & jump & shimmy to get pants on or suck in my waist to make the shirt fall the way it’s supposed to. My posture is being straightened out so I am standing taller. I am becoming “An Athlete”– something I thought I would never become! Who knew that taking a step to better your health also would better your emotional health. When I get upset or stressed, all I think about is swimming or running it off. I am not Kisha Wilson (YET) but I will get there, & I have the confidence in myself to get there now. I weigh in & measure once a month, & I think that is all I or anyone should do because it allows you to focus on how your BODY FEELS, not weighs or measures. Joining MFP & Fitocracy & running is one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

~Life & Love~


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