Beauty Rant

With this recent Kate Upton madness going on, the idea of beauty is being tossed around and there is a lot of body-shaming. With the Plus Size models versus Fashion models, the “War on Obesity”, food reform, etc…It’s hard to find any positive light on this. It DRIVES ME NUTS!! What is important is not your looks, but your health. Mental & Physical. The Plus-Size side of the story is that we want to acknowledge that big CAN be beautiful. You can be big but pretty, that skinny/thin/smaller isn’t the ONLY kind of pretty. Where as the skinny/thin/smaller sizes are saying that you are unhealthy and that we need to get back to basics. But there is so much body bashing going on.

On the Skinny Gossip’s most recent blog post “Fat Pride Burns My Hide” which trashes the Plus Model Magazine pictures, a Skinny Gossip follower Bella responded this to the post, “these pictures are so gross, who would be in their right mind and pose for pictures like that?! Well maybe she wasn’t in the right mind, all that food went to her head!”. How terrible to say about another human being! Or the cliche saying from many plus size people that says Fashion Models are just anorexic. Again, how hateful. We dream of emotional equality for all races, religious beliefs, political opinions, and body types but are unwilling to give the same respect.

Now I am not condoning Anorexia Nervosa or being overweight, but I am saying that the bashing HAS to stop. Progress can not be made while there are still thoughts like that going on. The Fashion Model Supporters have to accept that Plus size modeling is not advocating for women to be “lazy, eat alot, and stay overweight” but to be happy and love yourself for who you are. The Plus Size Modeling world needs to see that the Fashion World is just looking for a generalized “healthy” look.

As for beauty, I think Kate Upton is beautiful. I think Crystal Renn is beautiful, I think Eliana Ramos is beautiful, I think Adele is beautiful, I think Robyn Lawley is beautiful, Randi Graves is beautiful. I think the most beautiful thing is a person who loves themself. My weight loss journey isn’t to look like a Fashion Model or

I challenge all the readers to not generalize beauty as “FAT” or “SKINNY”. You don’t have to like other people’s body, but you can keep that to yourself and instad spread love and acceptance. Sometimes, people’s journey, whether it’s to lose/gain/maintain weight or to build their self esteem up, takes time and love & appreciation. It REALLY is “what’s on the inside counts”.

~Life & Love~


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