I just found out I lost a dear friend today. He was my Manager for my old job, The Kangaroo, but he was more than that too. He was like a big bother. Granted I haven’t seen him in a few months, but that is how it goes with family sometimes. I know that if I needed him, he would be there for me. I only wish I was there for him more.

 He is the kind of guy who cares more for his team and family and friends than himself. I can’t tell you how many times he has stressed himself sick trying to take care of everyone. Whether it’s work, friends, or family. He had a beautiful daughter and a wonderful set of friends. Our Kangaroo family was seamless, crazy most of the time, but wonderful. He was never much of a boss to me but a friend, a big brother. He was always there for me in ways that a big brother was. I was his assistant manager, but he always wanted more for me. I can’t tell you all the countless times we have just talked or BS’d at work trying to get through the day. There are a couple times that stick out most to me.

 He was hilariously funny. He told the weirdest jokes and stories that would sometimes leave you with your jaw on the floor and shivering in disgust. I didn’t care about working with him or working hard because he was such a fun person to be with. It never felt like work, just hanging out with a friend and making money! He loved to laugh, LOVED IT! We would listen to the radio and dance during work, or even one time, he chased me around the store with a compressed air can just to freeze burn my skin. We would watch videos at work (Happy Tree Friends), dance at work, debates on who is the better music artist, or just be silly. He was a fun person to be around. He taught me to make the most out of any situation and make it fun. Its amazing how things change with a radio and an fun friend.

 As much as I loved my job at the Kangaroo, he always wanted me to succeed in whatever I chose to do. After being at the Roo for nearly 2 years, I was looking for a newer job. So instead of hoarding me to himself and telling me not to do it, he gave me interview tips, told me job sites to check out, and recommended jobs he had heard of from others. He always pushed for me to be better than what I was, even if it meant losing my employment. Unlike many other bosses, he treated me like a human being, like a person. He always taught me that the key to good management is to remember that “I am a human first, a person, then a manager”. He always took my life into account, and treated me with the same courtesy that any person would want. He was so generous that way, so kind. I will always remember that about him.

 There were alot of times that I have struggled in life. He was there for alot of it. He had always believed in me & knew that I was meant for more. He always cared for me as a person and encouraged me to stand up for myself and what I believe in. He made me laugh & enjoy even the crappiest parts of life. he was a good man and will be incredibly missed. I think that thought despite the circumstances of him leaving us, and how devastating it is that such an incredible man and father has gone, sadness isn’t how I should remember him. I will remember all the fun times that we had, the stories he told me of his daughter and loved ones, and the lessons he taught me. I will never forget him.


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